Black Mill

Scenery For Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3d

Status Update 20180903

I've done some editing and summer color matching for KVBT today.


I am also posting a free download for the summer photoreal of this airport at the bottom of our main page. If you are using Orbx Global, Vector, and have the NA Airports pack installed, the airport assets should align very closely with the photoreal texture.

This isn't the final version of this photoreal. There will still be quite a lot of editing involved to blend it with the surrounding scenery better. I also plan on making this airport all-season as well.

Status Update 20180531

We were a bit surprised to see Orbx NA Airports Pack include a nice version of KVBT Bentonville. However, we're going to take it a bit further with photoreal all-season scenery and custom buildings.


KVBT is home to Summit Aviation. It is also known as Louise M. Thaden Field or Louise Thaden Field. This name was given in 1951 to honor Louise McPhetridge Thaden (1905–1979), an aviation pioneer from Bentonville.

Note that we will NOT be using any Orbx scenery assets for our version of addon scenery.