Oct 20, 2018

A380 Virtual Cockpit


Edited: Oct 20, 2018



Recently, I was able to integrate a nice payware virtual cockpit from the Blackbox A340-600 into the freeware Project Airbus A380.


Overall, the integration was a success. It's really amazing to finally have a high resolution fully working VC and working MCDU when flying this aircraft. However, there are still some small issues I'm working on, such as the cargo doors not opening, incorrect performance and flight tuning, incorrect fuel consumption, and incorrect lighting effects.


I'll continue to work on it and perform test flights. I'm confident I can have most of these issues resolved this weekend.


When this project is done, I will post the steps required. Note that it will require the user to purchase the Black Box Simulations A340 in order for the integration to work. Also note that this will just be for personal use. I will not be uploading any files to help in any way. You will need to follow the steps yourself.

Oct 27, 2018

This is an update on the Project Airbus A380/Blackbox Simulations A340 cockpit integration.


Issues I've found...


1.) The tiller is hardcoded to the Toggle Tailhook key. Therefore, it overrides the ability to open the cargo doors on the Project Airbus A380 external model.




The cargo doors will not be functional until there is an update to the Blackbox Simulations A340 that allows the user to change the keybindings for the tiller.


2.) Taxi light switch in the overhead panel does nothing.




Assign a hotkey for the Toggle Taxi Lights command using FSUIPC.


3.) Landing lights cause the cockpit to illuminate at night.




This is an issue when using many FSX aircraft in P3Dv4. It has something to do with how the dynamic lighting is allowed to pass through the PA 380's external model.


One solution is to disable dynamic lighting.


Another solution is to only use the taxi lights, since they are less aggressive and illuminate the area in front of the aircraft. They are also visible on the wings as well as the front landing gear.


The last solution would be for Project Airbus to update it's A380 external to block the dynamic lighting from passing through it.


NOTE- Use the hotkey ctrl+shift+L to tell the FSAirlines client that your landing lights are on or off, so that you do not get penalized.


4.) Blackbox Simulations manager doesn't work with this aircraft.




Of course it doesn't and there are no plans to try and make it work. You will need to use the default Fuel and Payload manager instead.


5.) Poor Climb Performance




Already solved. I've already figured it out and have since adjusted the flight tuning.


6.) Fuel burn




I'm still working this one out, but I may have it done by this weekend. I'm performing different flights back to back using increased sim rate and comparing my fuel to what Simbrief and fuelplanner say it should burn during those flights.




Everything else in the cockpit works great. I've already performed several flights and CAT III autolandings. Having a full working MCDU is nice. Individual engine startup and listening to those RR engines spool up is a real joy.


I will be creating a tutorial video on how to integrate the cockpit soon. If this is something you're interested in, follow this discussion.



Nov 15, 2018

Apologies for not getting the guide put out on how to accomplish the cockpit integration. I've been a bit busy with other things. For those interested, I'll try to get to it this weekend.

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